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My passion is to guide you on a journey of discovery into your highest purpose and potential.

I offer proven transformative techniques, including optimal health & wellness coaching, reiki, meditation, yoga, ayurveda and adventure.

I am Jean E. Greenland. In my previous 35-year professional engineering and management role within corporate America, I was primarily navigating the world intellectually, carefully thinking things through, being extremely organized, and planning every step. This enabled me to be a great success in my career.

After retiring from my engineering job, I purchased a Pendleton Limited Edition Airstream and embarked upon a magical journey of discovery. I began by first acknowledging the journey thus far as a foundation for envisioning the future, allowing me to clearly see the path ahead. It was necessary for me to let go of my need to know everything at once, my need to control. Instead I learned to just flow, both trusting in and thoroughly enjoying the journey. I realized my entire life had been preparing me for this moment. I was filled with a growing sense of joy, anticipation, discovery, and a very childlike sense of wonder. Every seemingly irrelevant incident, coincidence and synchronicity had actually prepared me for this life of service. Read more as the journey unfolds, follow my blog here.


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It wasn’t until I began to combine the practices of Reiki, Ayurveda and Meditation that my skills, abilities and talents came clearly into focus, coalescing into these unique services. The answers to some very profound and deep questions began bubbling to the surface. I recognized these answers as heartfelt and true. This is something that rings true on the very deepest level of knowing within me. Thus began my journey deep within.

Who am I? What do I want?

Does asking these questions make you uncomfortable?

This is actually a very good sign. A sign that you are ready to embrace your infinite potential. It takes this type of insight into your heart’s deepest sense of knowing to begin answering these questions for yourself.

Rather than leading with your mind, it requires following with all of your heart. Rather than thinking, it requires trusting. Rather than speaking, it requires silence.

It is only then that we are able to know our own truth and trust our own answers. This is the Journey.

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You are more powerful than you may have ever dreamt possible.
Let us together find the key to unlocking your infinite potential.
Let’s get started.

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Your decision to participate in any of the services and/or classes offered by Journey Deep Within, LLC is a personal one, we have not made any guarantees regarding benefits or outcomes. Please understand these are not substitutes for services provided by healthcare professionals for physiological /psychological conditions. Should you require medical advice it is your responsibility to obtain such as well as any associated treatment(s). Some class sessions involve light physical activity, we advise participation only within your range of comfort, instructions given during participation are for you personally and may not be appropriate for others.